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"From the first time I spoke to Anne, this wonderfully passionate woman has gone above and beyond her role to not only make my son feel comfortable in the nursery environment, but myself as well. Being a younger mother I had much anxiety about seeking a nursery placement for my little boy, however Anne and the staff at Lilliput Lane have been consistent in treating me with respect and have become one of my main sources for parental advice.My son attends three days aweek which allows me to participate in college, but also offers my son an extremely high level of care, time to socialize and develop through interactive play, meal times, music, stories, and outdoor activities. The nursery itself has a very welcoming and warm feel to it, in which children‘s arts and craft work fill the walls with colour and imagination. From originally being sceptical about the benefits of children attending a private nursery I am now very confident when sharing my experience ofthe high quality care and nurturing my son receive at Lilliput Lane nursery, where he has been sculpted into his lovable, boisterous, unique character, indeed being treated like the little person he is."

  • "I do like how small it is, and it's very personal. I was worried about no outdoor space but you take the kids out more than other nurseries so I've no need to worry."
  • "Lilliput Lane is like your own home from entering to leaving it is very welcoming. It's colourful, cheerful and clean. All the staff are so friendly and caring and i have noticed that the children are all busy doing activities when I arrive and leave with *****.
  • Lilliput Lane has friendly staff and happy children which provides a positive environment in its own right."
  • "Lauren is very caring and has so far played a big part of *****'s development and learning new things. ***** is very fond of her."
  • "Couldn't ask for a better key worker. Gemma is loving and I see has taken the time to get to know my son."
  • "It is a small and cozy nursery, where children can interact with a variety of age groups, this is something I particularly like. The nursery is also very bright and full of the children's work."

.................... AND FROM OUR CARE INSPECTORATE INSPECTION REPORTS...................

  • "The nursery provide a range of activities and outings, encouraging parent involvement"
  • "Wonderful nursery where staff go above and beyond their expectations"
  • "I always know what he's up to, and if there is anything happening at Nursery I get told through the e-mail systems (ParentMail)."
  • "The staff are great, they know my child really well"
  • "Lilliput Lane provides a healthy environment, encourages children to participate in activities and provides a healthy and balanced diet to kids"
  • "The service and care provided at Lilliput Lane is second to none. The staff do an invaluable job of looking after the children and ensuring they are happy."
  • "Their close relationship with my child has been invaluable to provide professional observations to assist other professionals. They have went above and beyond their duty of care to ensure they support him and work with his IEP (Individual Education Plan)."

Full and Part - Time sessions offered. Some spaces may be available in holiday periods. All photographs displayed with parents' permission
Lilliput Lane Nursery is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office under the Data Protection Act. Registration Number ZA181484.
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